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Reviews from other cities

     Ikut Bojo Coffee Shop - Take resh sit and eat for while there

One place you can bought food there. Fresh and you can order before you come. Near massage therapy Some day I visit there for collect my order Sempol very nice and fresh Please call them before you came so you get a lot Read more or comment

🇮🇩 Ikut Bojo Coffee Shop

     Ksp nasari tanpa deposit - Klw benar Tanpa deposit

Sangat membantu masyarakat UMKM yg benar2 LG terpuruk d masa pAndemi butuh modal usaha yg LG d di minati dan hrg terjAngkau Read more or comment

🇮🇩 Ksp nasari tanpa deposit

     Wisma Nur Husada Tanjung Bira - Informasi tentang wisma nurhusada 1

Wisma ini berada ditengah tengah dekat dengan pantai pasir putih,dekat dengan titik nol, dekat dengan pantai bara, dekat dengan tebing apparalang,dekat dengan sarana dlm kompleks pasir putih, berada di poros jalan dlm kompleks pasir putih.t... Read more or comment

🇮🇩 Wisma Nur Husada Tanjung Bira

     Pondok Pesantren Al.farisi ( First Course ) - First course

Good for study English and floating hotel combine with the culture , religion , atitude and working position.. Read more or comment

🇮🇩 Pondok Pesantren Al.farisi ( First Course )

     Ikut Bojo Coffee Shop - Cafe

One place take relax drink and eat with our love one or family member,,save for every one for coming and enjoy Read more or comment

🇮🇩 Ikut Bojo Coffee Shop